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Game of Magnets

A game where I Love Madison fans can win FREE STUFF every month.

At the beginning of every month, we'll draw a random number. If your magnet's number is drawn, you win free prizes! You can also piggyback on others' magnets using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more chances to win! A special thanks to Metcalfe's Market for their support to make the Game of Magnets possible!

I want a magnet!

Want to win awesome stuff? Join Game of Magnets.

How to Play

1) Get your magnet by signing up below. We'll mail it to you, FREE.

2) Join us at the beginning of every month and see if your number is drawn. Every month we give away prizes!

3) COLLECT OTHER MAGNETS - When you see another magnet out on the town, stop (safely) and take a picture of it.

Then post your picture on any social media platform, and hashtag it #madisonGOM - or you can post it on the group in our Facebook group.

To add a little fun: take a selfie with the magnet.

4) If you register another magnet by collecting other numbers, you'll win when that magnet wins. (Each magnet can be registered up to 4 times.)

5) Lastly, summer of 2018 be on the look out for a golden magnet. We'll be hiding 25 through out the city! If you find a golden magnet, you'll be in for a real treat!