Angela loves her hometown.

She was born and raised outside Wausau, WI and never really thought she’d leave.

Jerry works in corporate finance. Before he and Angela were married, he talked about moving to the city. That’s where the finance jobs are.

The day he came home and said he’d got the job offer in Madison was bittersweet, especially for Angela—they would have to move away from Wausau.

Sure, Angela was thrilled with Jerry’s new job offer—the money was great—and she’s proud of her husband’s accomplishments.

But this is Jerry’s new opportunity. Not Angela’s.

Angela is a trailing spouse.

The trailing spouse is the one that follows their spouse to Madison, leaving their life behind to pursue their spouse’s new career here in Madison.

Jerry gets connected at his new job. He meets new people, feels accepted, and naturally falls in love with the city.

Meanwhile, Angela is at home, often looking for work, trying to get connected. She often feels lonely and isolated.

I Love Madison is for Angela.

I Love Madison is for trailing spouses.

It’s for newcomers who don’t know or love our city (yet).

And it’s for our friends and neighbors who believe that personal connections can make any city feel like home.

Hi, I’m Neil.

Neil MathwegMy name is Neil Mathweg. I’m a real estate agent here in Madison, and I felt called to create this blog and show, I Love Madison.

The vision came when I was meeting with a HR director with a large company here in Madison.

He had shared with me that they have two challenges.

One is to show people how great Madison is. Most know it’s cold here (which it is) and that we have amazing cheese curds, beer, and sports teams.

But it’s more than that.

Over many sleepless nights, over 30 coffee meetings with other influential people in Madison, I came up with what I believe is the recipe to connect people who are new to town to places, events, and of course what I feel is the most important; other people.

To me, I Love Madison isn’t just a blog or podcast. It’s a mission.

What is I Love Madison?

A weekly podcast (audio only) so you can listen on the go.

In each episode we will introduce you to someone who recently moved to Madison, and you can hear their story of how they got connected.

Then we’ll share a new meetup or networking group each week.

We’ll interview people who are influential and possibly open the doors to you finding opportunity.

We will bring the kindness of Madison to the airwaves each week just for you.

Then we thought that there needs to be more than just a show; we need to get people together.

So starting in early 2018, we are going to introduce the next big thing.

Connect Madison

It will be a monthly event. The first 30 minutes will be for people to write on a card what they need and others can write on the card how they can help.

To me it’s a way to bring people together without making people feel uncomfortable in asking for help.

Some ideas of what people could write;

“Looking for other moms for playdates”
“I’m a graphic artist and looking for work”
“I’m looking for a church”
“I’m looking for work that I can do from home”
“I love to read and looking for a book club”

Then after this, we’ll begin our session with a talk or talks.

We will have one 30 minutes talk, two 15 minute talks, or three 10 minute talks.

These talks will be lifestyle talks and meant to help people get connected.

Following the talks the we will breakout for topic tables.

The topic tables will for small groups to get together and discuss ways to get connected around the topic of the table.

The tables will be facilitated by someone who is well connected in Madison and will provide you direction to help you go the right way.

Topics will include

Outdoor lovers
Pet lovers
Work from home ideas

Of course, before, during, and after will be all kinds of networking.

No matter your need, you’ll want to keep coming back month after month.

Also, the more we grow this the more leaders we’ll need.

Next we want to offer you an amazing blog that gives you an abundance of resources to get you connected.

The blog is written by 13 different contributors (link to contributors page).

Anywhere from music in Madison, to beer reviews, to foodies, to event reviews, to networking opportunities, and so much more.

Our goal is to have one of Madison’s best know blogs.

We’ll also host the weekly podcast here, play a game called Game of Magnets (a game where you collect magnets to win prizes), and ask people to share “THEIR MADISON STORY”.